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Friday, 11 December 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c The Polar Bear Kingdom by BP Slitt

War with Omylia trapped Elena Henriksen in Bosetia for five years, but this has only offered a good life for Elena. She was Captain of the Guard and engaged to Prince Suurballe, an attentive and thorough lover. When the King of Omylia offers peace in exchange for Elena herself, she accepts the offer. For the safety of Bosetia, she ends her engagement to the Prince. 

However, the potential for a new adventure excites her almost as much as her escort, a handsome, masked man referred to only as the Ranger. While she's eager to see him both without his mask and any clothes at all, he claims a curse forces him to keep the mask on. Luckily, it doesn't stop her from seeing the rest of his body nor does it stop him from getting a quick taste of her. 

When the King proposes to Elena soon after she arrives, she doesn’t believe his intentions are without ulterior motives. She realizes that a curse has forced the King into making tough decisions, and she finds it difficult to hold it against him. She doesn't find it difficult to hold him against her. While she finds herself interested in both the Ranger and the King, both men allow her the sexual freedom to explore the other and neither man pressures her to choose, at least not right away. 

But the state of Omylia worries Elena, and she sees that time is running out for them. She must do something quickly to break the curse and save the people of Omylia. Curses, sex, wars, and witches fill the Polar Bear Kingdom’s landscape in this erotic fantasy novel. 

This 91,000 word novel contains sexually explicit scenes and is inspired by the Norwegian fairy tale, the White Bear King Valemon. Previously published under the handle "Sydney Solo," no additional content added to this updated version.

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