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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c The Vampire and the Necromancer: An out of Sequence Love Story (Multiracial Monsters Book 2) by Gisele Walko

The Vampire and the Necromancer: An out of sequence love story, (Multiracial Monsters Book 2) is the story of Ivan, who was born with necromancy abilities, and when he transfers to a new middle school he immediately meets Noah, a fellow biracial classmate, and falls in love with his quirky twin, Nova (because necromancers love so deeply of course). 
Nova until her senior year of high school is an overachiever and violinists (Orch-Dork). She becomes angry at her best friend Ivan, because she too has loved him since they met, and there is a misunderstanding when Ivan resurrects Nova’s nemesis Ko (Mariko). Nova thinks he snuck into her room to kiss her, so she decides to go to a party, her first high school party, which happens to be a neophyte party to make new vampires. Nova is turned into a vampire as a joke by a classmate because she is vegan, and he thought it would be funny to make a vegan into a carnivore. After Nova is transformed, she has to learn to accept her life, as it is now (infertility, not growing old, intense cravings, and gaining acceptance from those she loves, and new acquaintances, and of course herself. 
Story follows characters from 7th Grade through their freshman year of college. Chapters are out of sequence, which I think makes this work fun and unique, but if I get feedback from others saying it is too strange, it could easily be put into traditional order like its predecessor: Wolf girl finds necRomance. 


 Yesterday I saw Nova, home from college for summer vacation, wearing all my clothes:
sweatshirt, sweatpants, probably my tee shirt and boxer shorts. Maybe if she’s not broken up
with my clothes, she’s not really broken up with me. Tonight I feel bold, so I decide to just go
up to her door and knock. We’ve been broken up for months and she’s supposed to be mine, so
what am I just supposed to pretend like she doesn’t exist like she does me? Ignoring each other
hasn’t gotten us back together yet.
I don’t know what I’ll say if she answers, but I don’t want to waste bravery. It’s probably
noteworthy that it’s not the kind of bravery that comes from a bottle, because I’ve been hitting
the sauce quite a bit since our break-up. This is just pure, getting-my-woman-back courage. I’ve
spent enough time being a coward and not pursuing her. I texted and tried to call a lot, but I
could have shown up at her dorm and demanded that she talk to me, or come by on one of the
weekends we were both home from college. I didn’t do that because 1. She’s a mess, and I tried
so damn hard to fix her, but when I saw her feeding on that guy I thought, maybe she’s just not
fixable, and 2. I thought if I gave her a little space to try to figure things out for herself, she’d
just come back to me on her own, and beg for my forgiveness, and be mine. Mr. Frankle
answers the door and looks happy to see me. If he wasn’t I’d know.
“Hey Ivan, Nova’s not here.” He says casually, like I’m still over all the time.
“Oh. I was here to talk to Noah, actually.” I lie. I saw Noah’s car, so I know he’s here.
Mr. Frankle furrows his eyebrows and cocks his head to the side, while he considers what I said.
He doesn’t want to piss off Nova, but he wants to let me in. I smile and wait patiently.
“He’s in his room.” He says after an eternity.
Noah is lying on his bed watching Hot Tub Time Machine on cable when I get to his
room, right across from Nova’s room. Her door is closed. She’s closed off to me like her door,
but I know she’s gone.
“Hey Ivan. What’s up? Good to see you, bro.” He sits up to make room on his bed. Last
time I talked to him was a few months back. I was sitting on his bed and crying, saying that I
couldn’t live without his twin.
“It’s good to see you too. I was just wondering if you wanted to go out, or shoot some
hoops later.” The more time I can spend with Noah, the better my chances of seeing Nova.
“Hmm. Maybe, if Ko doesn’t make it over.”
“With Ko at the moment huh?”
“How’s Nova?”
“Wow.” He grins. “Took you all of 30 seconds to bring up my sister. I don’t know how
to answer that. She’s productive I guess, she has her support group for intermagical couples,
which I still don’t really understand, something about werewolves, fairies, and vampires dating 
out of their species.” Is she dating a werewolf or fairy now? Checking them off her list, since
she’s not compatible with necromancers? I try to picture it, but I can only see her with me.
“Huh.” I say. No one ever answers my question with the things I really want to know.
Does she have a boyfriend? Is she still sad a lot? Did she come to terms with her vampirism? Is
she really okay without me? I’m a disaster.
“We all miss you being around.” He says. I hope he means his sister, too.
A time later, but before the movie is over, I hear the door open and my heart skips a beat.
“Hi mom. Hi dad. Hi Noah. Anyone here?” It’s Nova. My body almost jumps up to go
greet her, but I stop my legs from moving because I shouldn’t be in her space like this. Popping
up here is a mistake. She hasn’t spoken a word to me in months. She’ll probably curse me out
and run away as soon as she sees my face. Mom and dad don’t answer. Did she see my car?
No, I walked. I should go. I don’t want to freak her out. I have all summer to try to get back
with her, in less creepy ways than just coming over uninvited. My new plan is to chicken out,
and run out of the front door without seeing her as soon as there’s an opportunity.
“Hey sis, talk to Ivan lately?” Noah yells across the house and laughs. What an asshole.
I twist my face in anger and lean his way. He’s a pacifist and knows we’re not going to fight so
he laughs harder.
“No but why does everyone keep asking me that?” She walks to her room. I know
because her voice is so close now. “Brennan asked the same thing. I guess he took his new
girlfriend to the mall, and he introduced her as……ready? His sex buddy.” She’s wrong about
how it went down at the mall. That’s a complete lie. I took the girl I was dating to the mall, and
she introduced herself to Brennan as my sex buddy, because she says trashy shit like that. She
was mad that I brought her over to Brennan just to ask her about my ex. That girl doesn’t matter
anyway. Brennan’s dating my cousin Lamar again, so why does she have to make things harder
for me. Nova used a casual tone when she mentioned my potential girlfriend like she doesn’t
care, like she moved on. Noah glares at me like I’m an asshole, and soon the house is filled with
sad violin music and Nova’s door is mostly closed so I decide it’s a good time to bail. I tell
Noah to holler at me if he wants me to pick him up to go out.
“Alright. Later.” He says without looking me in the eyes.
On the way out, I see a lightskinned dude in a checkered shirt, and bowtie heading to the
door. Salesman? Jehovah’s witness? He dresses like a dork, just like my cousin, but he’s kind
of Nova’s type I guess, but too short. She’s about 6’1”, and she says she’s 6’0” even. He’s not
even that. I decide, with my crazy lovesick brain, to just see who this person is here to visit
before I leave. I need him to be pushing religion or vacuums, or to be here to see Noah. Maybe
they go to community college together, or dance at the same clubs.
“What’s up?” I say, when I answer the door like I live here, before he has a crack at the
“Uh. Hi.” He looks at the address next to the door. “Is Nova here?” He is here for
Nova. I guess I knew she’d moved on. She wouldn’t talk to me; she was likely talking to
someone. I should go, but I’m sure as hell not about to do that so this nerd can make eyes at my
woman. I should try to fight him, but that doesn’t seem logical either. I’m winging it. I go with
option B, which is to let him in and lie about who I am, to feel this guy out. He could just be her
“Yeah, come in. I’ll get her. I’m Noah’s friend, Gabriel.” I use my middle name and
introduce myself.
“Brandon.” He says and extends his hand. Weak handshake. Weak person. Weak. She
doesn’t need that in her life.
I walk to Nova’s room and knock lightly on her bedroom door, because I don’t have another
choice. When I decide she can’t hear me over her instrument, and possibly headphones, I open
it. My heart races. She jumps and stares at me like she’s seen an apparition. I return her startled
gaze. Face to face again. She hasn’t changed at all, she’s a vampire so she doesn’t change, and
she probably wouldn’t have in just a few months, but I expected her to be different. I’m not the
same anymore. I still love her. I still have all the same feelings I had before she broke me, and I
hope she’s having the same thought. She mouths my name but no sound escapes.
“Hey Nova,” I casually clear my throat and touch the back of my neck, “Some guy in a
bowtie is either here for a job interview, or he’s your boyfriend.” I smile and try to have a
moment with her, even though my joke’s not funny at all, and maybe she wouldn’t get the
unfunny joke anyway, because how would she know he’s in a bowtie and khakis? She hasn’t
seen him yet, and what if he’s not her boyfriend? I smile anyway, like she’ll find any of this
amusing. If her cheeks could turn red, they would. She stares fixedly, a deer in headlights. I
haven’t seen her speechless that many times, so I get uncomfortable. I could still leave, but I’m
committed so I stay to fight for her, or to fight with her; whichever she’d prefer.
“Why?” she asks eventually. “Why is this happening?” I don’t have an answer. If I had
just left when I planned to, I could have saved us from the awkwardness, but it’s better to be in
the same place as her and just feel weird about it. She drops her violin on her bed and walks
slowly into the living room when I don’t answer, “Well, let’s do this I guess, Ivan.” She says
I notice her room on the way out. We might as well live in it together. Every picture I’ve
ever drawn or painted her, my clothes, the kind of cologne I wear, our Coraline movie tickets
from 7th grade, our prom pictures, and symphony tickets. Everything is where it’s always been.
It’s like we didn’t break up at all. She didn’t pack me away into boxes or donate or burn my
stuff. She’s mine.
“Hi,” says bowtie, and kisses Nova’s cheek. She turns her head away like she’s pissed, and I
almost bite a hole in my tongue from keeping myself from yelling, ‘Don’t you fucking touch
her,’ like the psycho ex that I am. I’ve seen her facial expression enough times to know that
she’s angry. Judging solely by her scowl, she’s about as mad as when I gave her the flu in 9th
grade, and she missed two days of school. Nova does not like missing school. I don’t know if
she’s mad at me for being here or at him for trying to kiss her. I collapse onto the loveseat alone
when they go to the couch, and I try not to stare or be too intrusive or intense.
Brandon sits on one side of the couch, Nova’s on the other side. I’m grateful for the distance
between them. Brandon looks at his phone. Nova is flips through channels, and taps her foot to
expel nervous energy. Two years ago this awkward situation would have broken her out. Her
skin still responds to pleasure.
“Nova?!” I say, and her body stiffens 

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