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Friday, 4 December 2015

Book Spotlight: All I need by Eden Ashe

When she inherits the ancestral manor she’d grown up in from her wily grandmother, Jilly is ready to settle down. Only problem—the manor has been willed to Luke Bannon as well. 

The bane of her existence, Luke is the one guy who can threaten her carefully erected walls. But not a man to be ignored, he has loved her forever. He just wishes he didn’t have to share the house with her. 

Once they’re alone in the old manor, it’s clear something isn’t right.... Doors locked tight, windows won’t budge... something—or someone—won’t let them leave. At least not until they admit they’re meant to be together. 


She sucked in a breath when his gaze dropped to her mouth. She should run for her life, but her knees weakened at the sheer hunger in his face. Luke Bannon could eat her alive without breaking a sweat.
And dear God, she wanted him to.
Confused and unable to do anything about the way her nipples puckered beneath the thin fabric of her T-shirt, she returned his gaze, afraid if she blinked, she’d break whatever spell that caused him to look at her—her, for cripes sake—that way.
“Luke?” She kept her voice soft, her nerve endings tingling as he ducked his head toward hers and angled his body closer, so if she took a deep enough breath, her breasts would brush against that solid wall of abs. “I….”
The words were forgotten as his hand came up to tangle in her hair. The callused pad of his thumb brushed over her cheek, her bottom lip, then dipped between her lips before he brought it to his mouth and swiped his tongue over the tip. “Jesus. I knew you’d be sweet.”
“What?” She ignored the breathy tone of her voice. “You’ve thought about how I’d taste?”
“No. Yes. Goddamn it.” In one quick, dizzying move, he had her pressed against the wall next to the window seat, his giant-sized body nearly covering her from head to foot. His mismatched eyes burned into hers, and she suddenly wanted more than anything in the world for him to make good on the dark, wicked promises in them.
“Just once, baby. Let me taste you one time, then I swear to God, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll sign the goddamn house over to you, whatever you want. Just…please. Kiss me.”
She didn’t know what knocked her off balance more—that he wanted to kiss her, or he wanted it enough to beg.

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