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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Book Spotlight: Mondo Men by CW Kent

Best friends, stoners and self-confessed losers Alex and Corey are fed up with life. When not attending classes at their local community college, to which they are subject to weekly tormenting via super jock Evan Baxter, they make ends meet by working menial jobs; Alex at a daycare and Corey as the ‘Kangaroo’ at Kangaroo Kastle. Their only sense of solace comes in the form of smoking joints, playing video games and talking about girls from the futon in Corey’s grandmother’s basement. But everything in their largely mundane lives is about to change when they find themselves in possession of a magical nude magazine which renders them the last men left in a world filled with women. Now the desire of billions, Alex and Corey are assigned the task of saving humanity, one sexual conquest at a time.

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