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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Book Spotlight: Oh my! Holy Shh...Gimme More! Story bundle

Oh Yes! Yes! Harder! Faster! Gimme more!
Only women know what other women really want! For the first time in a single Kindle book, these 7 hot, steamy, wild, wet, sizzling, and fantasy-filled stories of lust and romance will have you begging for more … just like the women featured in each short story. Some of the best female authors have been selected for inclusion in this late night book for women looking to turn the lights out and have a moment of pleasure … or who want to read a little bed time story to the man in their life to inspire him to go long, hard, deep, and on a mission to please!

This Book Includes:

Take Me Blind. A woman pays to have three anonymous men ravage her in public.

Naughty Play Dates. A woman goes outside her marriage with a hunky blue collar lover.

Seeded by the Wolf Shifters. Tired of normal guys, a woman agrees to help a wolf shifter (and his right hand man) repopulate their pack and feed their thirsty mouths.

Tighter (Complete Trilogy). Three stories of young women who go all the way for the first time and … in front of an audience! The men they choose are very large, too!

Untitled. This is a story so hot and wild that we can’t even print the title here!


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