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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Book Spotlight: Princess Ariana: Enslavement (Princess Ariana Series Book 1) by Iaz Grant

Young Princess Ariana lives her restful life in the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Braston - the last shelter of mankind. Suddenly, in one night her life changes. It all starts when she finds herself witnessing her step-mother's sexual affairs with a demon. Then her father is killed, and armies of ogres destroy their hometown enslaving thousands of people and young virgin Princess. Her virginity is the priceless trophy for the ogre general and it is also the price for her freedom.


The wind stopped as the bird of prey calmly landed on Princess's bare shoulder returning her to reality. Ariana suddenly realized that she was standing completely naked in the middle of the moonlit garden where she could easily be discovered any second. She ran back to the zoo, but this time she avoided lanes running behind the trees and bushes. Her not-so-big breasts hardly bounced, so firm and young they were. Ariana reached the zoo, housed Shadow in her cage and ran towards the Palace. She thought she was lucky no servant was awake at that time. But there were soldiers who guarded the Palace throughout the night. She hoped not to meet any of them. Princess decided to avoid major doors and stairs, beating her way through service doors and halls. She climbed the stairs and turned to a hallway that led to another ladder that accessed her room but she stopped, stunned in the middle of the hallway as she heard a very strange noise as if someone was crying or moaning. Ariana crawled slowly, moving on the edge of her toes, trying to locate the source of the sound. In a moment, she stopped behind the only door of the long hallway that led to Queen Oda's apartments. The moaning sound was now clear and loud. Princess wanted to leave without interfering into her stepmother's affairs. But her curiosity took over and she cautiously pulled the doorknob.

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