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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Book Spotlight: Sexual Synergy by S.L. Butta

In, Sexual Synergy, S.L. Butta invites you to take an erotic journey awakening your sense of sexuality and romance. It contains a collection of 10 erotic shorts stories and 11 love poems. It’s provocative, sensual and full of sexual games. The poems are heartfelt and sexy. The stories allow you to throw out your inhibitions and have total sexual freedom. From the young boy who grows up to conquer his childhood crush, a superhero charged foursome, a night of unexpected surprises initiated by a mysterious invitation, or the thrill of completing an elevator fantasy; the excitement of the ever changing floors and the sense of adventure knowing you can get caught at any moment; there’s something for everyone. This book can be used to put the spark back into a relationship, keep the fire going or turn up the heat in a new one. These stories can be part of your foreplay; illustrating the build up to the main event, seductively showing how romance should be savored before getting down to business.


Excerpt from: Put my Fire Out
Jackson throws Avery down on the bed forcefully — her stomach on the bed.
“You know what to do,” he says.
She gets on all fours. She hears the nightstand drawer open. She knows what is coming. Jackson lifts a small, black leather tasseled whip from the nightstand. He stands behind her. She can feel his hard dick brush against her leg as he stands between her feet. He smacks her ass hard with the whip. It stings a little, but she moans in pleasure. I don’t know why this feels so good, she thinks to herself. 
They had always been kinky, but they had never done that before; she didn’t know what got into him — but she liked it. She liked it a lot. She felt the tassels gentle on her pussy. She moaned. Then another smack. She screamed. Jackson dropped the whip and brought his body aligned to hers. He pushed her over, pinning her down for a moment, looking in her eyes. 

Visit to learn more about the author listen to voice snippets of a couple of stories and a poem. 

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