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Monday, 21 December 2015

Book Spotlight: The Unhinged Series by Victoria Pope

From the sapphire beaches of Indonesia to the rolling hills of Northern Scotland, the Unhinged Series sweeps you in a chaotic whirlwind rife with danger, action and steamy romance. Centered around a mob war that threatens to destroy Scotland, this series follows two young couples that are brought together by extraordinary circumstances and find love against incredible odds. 

Benjamin Kade is not the type of man who sticks out his neck for anybody – especially not the people he’s been meeting lately. Contracted to a mysterious island for five years, he has been mandated to interrogate criminals of the worst ilk – and torture is encouraged. But when beautiful and innocent Carys Munro lands in the chair, he must face his own demons and break all the rules to save her. 

When Ellie Reardon and her friends flew off to Scotland for a last-minute getaway, she didn't expect it would change her life forever. Caught in the clutches of a series of unfortunate events, Ellie must rely on the help of a tall, dark stranger to keep her safe... and to find her kidnapped boyfriend. But as she spends time with her fierce protector, dark secrets about her family reveal themselves. 

TRIALS OF WAR - Book Three: 
Separated only by an ocean, Ellie and Troy were worlds apart. He was in the South of France, hiding out with the enigmatic Kade family, and she was rehabilitating in New York: abandoned, alone and betrayed by everyone she knew. When fate put her back in his care she was faced with the reality that her family's treachery ran deep, and the feelings she had for Troy could outlast even death itself.

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