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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Book Spotlight: Veiled Fantasies by Anna Lowe

All Jill Bowen wants is to get back home after a disappointing vacation. But when a “quick transfer” in Dubai goes awry, she is stranded in the Middle East, alone. Well, not quite alone. Complications never listed in her flight plan – not even the fine print – pair Jill with a handsome man with a ghost-ridden past. He is a perfect stranger – and seemingly perfect in every other way, too. But why does he bury himself in work? Why carry a photograph of a family that's not his own? Slowly, as Jill and Erik come out of their respective shells, they discover a fascinating blend of ancient and modern in the streets of Dubai – and awaken to an intense passion that each had long since given up hope for. Just an innocent fling between two people thrust outside their comfort zones? Or dare they wish for more?

Reader Alert!

Veiled Fantasies is a sweet travel romance that doesn’t stop shy of erotic fulfillment, with a dose of danger and action as the story builds. Exciting and varied love scenes are described in explicit language; the emphasis is on the building passion between one woman and one man. No kink, no bondage, “just” a good workout and a lot of fun!

 To My Readers:

Travel can be a nightmare, except when it's a dream. Jill Bowen gets a little of both on her unplanned stopover in mesmerizing Dubai – a city that's equal parts shiny-modern and gritty-ancient. Jill is a down-to earth heroine doing her best just to get by when she gets stranded in the Middle East. She's independent, capable, and gutsy, even if she has some issues with relationships gone wrong and a runaway imagination that sometimes gets the better of her. So she's not quite ready to trust her own judgment when it comes to the handsome stranger she falls for along the way. Is Erik just a fantasy – or the real thing? Should this marathon runner dig in her heels or do what she does best – run, run, run? I had a lot of fun turning my own real-life stranding in Dubai into a spicy love story – a story to sweep you out of your every day routine and into a whole different world.


Jill was a smart girl. She always did the right thing.

       But man, did the wrong thing feel good.

       She found herself leaning back and to her right. Settling into his contours, feeling his bulk. When Erik turned to look at the left bank, she could feel his soft breath on her cheek. God, he smelled nice. Fresh, like the air after a cleansing rain. Felt nice, too. Warm but not sticky. Solid but not unyielding. Something she could get used to.

       If only she could.

       Here on the river, city noise was pushed to the background as Jill’s heart thumped in her chest. She tried loosening up a little and nearly chuckled aloud at the realization that she wasn’t creating stories about other people. She couldn’t; her fantasies were completely preoccupied with him.

       A ruddy British woman leaned over to Jill with a wink. “Such a nice couple. Are you honeymooners?”

       Jill could already feel her face flushing. She wished she could say yes. Yes, we’re Mr and Mrs Perfect. Can’t you tell? I’m Mrs Perfect, and this is my stud of a husband, Mr Perfect. Give us a few years and we’ll have a couple of perfect children and a blissful home life.

       Or maybe she’d say, No, this is a complete stranger I’m indulging in wild fantasies about even though I know it will never work out because nothing I do ever does. Thank you for asking. Jill steadied herself with a sip of the lukewarm can of Coke that came with the river cruise.

       “Not yet!” Erik joked, making the Brits chuckle and Jill choke.

       “Well, at least let us take your picture!” the woman insisted. “Come on, get a little closer!”

       And they did, nearly cheek to cheek and probably cherry red.


       “Nice cruise, isn’t it?” smiled the British husband.

       “Very nice,” Jill and Erik said in perfect unison.


       “So where are we going for dinner?” Erik asked later, as they disembarked.

       Jill’s mind reeled. Dinner? This getting to be more and more like a real date. Were her fantasies spilling over into real life at last? She glanced around. “Um…”

       “How about the place we saw from the boat?” he suggested.

       The romantic riverside place? The one with all the candles?

       “The one near the wind towers,” he said.

       That would be the one.

       “Sure,” she let the word out carefully and held back from turning a few cartwheels. They were off, Jill on slightly wobbly legs that kept wanting to brush up against him. It was all so intoxicating. Walking with him. Exploring. So nice. And harmless. They were just talking, right?


About the Author:

Once upon a time, I was on my way home from a dream vacation in Australia when I was stranded in Dubai for a week – just like Jill, the heroine of Veiled Fantasies. A volcanic eruption may have clogged the skies over Europe and grounded all flights, but my imagination was soaring. What if I wasn't a schoolteacher heading home to Europe with hubby and child in tow, but a twenty-something single about to live the adventure of her life? What if the man in the neighboring hotel room was a smokingly hot Swede with a tragic past? What if circumstances threw the two of them together – closer than close? I love travel and adventure, and I loved hearing Jill – quirky, lonely, glass half-full Jill – tell me her compelling story. Now it's your turn to turn the pages and enjoy!

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