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Friday, 11 December 2015

Book Spotlight:#99c Idelible You by Verlene Landon

Ink is indelible. 
So is love, at least in theory. 

He’s an over-inked, reformed bad boy and she is the slightly older, seemingly out of reach woman who’s head over heels (actually knees over shoulders) in love with him. Almost as much as he is with her. 

Somehow, they have remained oblivious to their mutual attraction for five years. 

One night, they take the plunge. Love conquers all, right? 

They expose hearts and bodies, expecting a happily ever after until a terrible secret is revealed—during climax. 

Anything worth having is worth bleeding for—and boy will they bleed—but will it be enough to drain the taint of that secret, or will it be fatal for both of them? 

Some things are more permanent than tattoos. 

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