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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Featured Book: So Big So Black by R & R Midnight

At 45 years of age, blond and voluptuous Barbara thinks it is time to shelve her sex life. Her husband, Norman isn’t interested in her wide hips, thin waist, and plump breasts. 

Norman isn’t interested in having sex, but he’s okay with watching. 

Thanks to Norman manipulations, Barbara finds herself around the tall and black Alpha-male Jones. Despite her protests, she loves his thick muscles and masculine presence. What’s a little harmless flirting? 

The problem is she sees his 12 inches of thick dark meat. It cannot be real, but there is only one way to find out. 


Jones knelt in the dirt and took her hand. Barbara was confused until he placed her fingers in the soil in his wheelbarrow. 
"Feel that?" he asked.
She shook her head.
"Dirt should be soft and moist," Jones said. "This here is rocky, ain't got the nutrients. Needs attention."
She shook her head again. All she felt was dirt... and his hand on the back of her thigh!
Her heart immediately started racing and she breathed faster.
"What are you doing?" she asked, but her voice faltered and most of her words came out as a groan.
He rubbed her thigh gently and every upstroke brought his fingers closer to her pussy. 
She was bent awkwardly with one hand in the dirt and the other holding the top of her robe together. She was almost sitting his lap.
She squeezed his hand tightly when his other hand grazed her sex. 
Once his hand was there, it stayed there.
"Oh God," she grunted.
"Hold still," he said.
She was terribly wet, but beyond being embarrassed by it.
Barbara relaxed and let go of the top of her robe to reveal six inches of cleavage. Jones could see whatever he wanted.
She stumbled as he placed one digit inside her. His fingers were bigger than her husband's penis. 
“I have a husband,” she said more to herself than him.
Jones stopped, but he did not remove his hand. For a few agonizing seconds, Barbara held perfectly still. She began to shake.
Finally, she backed her ass up against Jones’ hand and he continued.
The thought of her husband, and all other thoughts, fled her mind when he slowly moved his fingers in and out.
"Inside," she said. She nearly fell again, but Jones caught her.
God, it felt so good.
"Not here," she said, thankful for their high wooden privacy fence.
Jones finger fucked her a little faster.
"Too much," she said. "Let's go inside."
"Did you want me to stop?" he asked. His fingers slowed and he started to pull away.
"Not like anybody is hiding in the bushes watching,” he said. “We go inside, I gotta stop.”
She shook her head. "Don't stop."
Sometimes Barbara and her husband needed lube just to get them started, but Jones slipped a second finger inside of her with ease.
Tentatively, Barbara reached a hand between them. She had to know. She found Jones hard, rock solid. It was just as big as it was yesterday. If he wasn't already holding her, she would have fallen.

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