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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Featured FREE Book: Finding Her Bear by Alexa Aarons

Wrap yourself up in a smoking-hot bear shifter romance! 

Celeste has spent most of her life minding her own business. Quiet and serene she never expects that there is someone else hiding just under the surface. The middle daughter of the police chief in town she used to love adventures as a child. Now as the owner of one of the largest bakery shops in the state her biggest adventure is on what kind of icing she will use with what cupcake. She is restless and looking for something and doesn’t even know it. 

When Marcellus comes to town and starts coming to the little diner she owns she finds herself becoming more and more attractive to the stranger. She doesn’t know if it is the aspect that he is new in town and doesn’t know her or that it is him alone. He is sexy as sin and has an aura around him that screams sexuality and mystery. It is the one thing her life doesn’t have. Spontaneity and mystery. When her friend/co-worker pushes her into his arms she has a hard time keeping herself from falling into bed with him but he has a secret. The problem is will she stay when she finds out what it is. 

Marcellus comes to the small town in search of his sister. Disappearing from their village and pack she winds up as the latest victim of a serial killer in the small town. He meets Celeste and is instantly attracted but the thing that she wants to help him find is no normal serial killer but a supernatural one. Can he find the thing responsible for the killings and keep Celeste safe and will she let him help her or run away when she finds out the truth about who or what he is? 

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