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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Featured FREE Book: The Sheikh's Enemy by Kylie Knight

Two Princes similar in looks, different in all else 
Twin brothers Rashid and Zadir have competed over everything since they were old enough to understand competition. One brother will become Sheikh, the other CEO of the family company. They both want what the other has, too blind to see just how unhappy they both are until they meet her. 
She wasn’t in the market for love, but one green-eyed Sheikh stole her heart 
Sabrina Kensington didn’t belong. She was a scholarship student at a school filled with the wealthy and elite. Her goals were simple. Get good grades, graduate at the top of her class and get a good job. When she’s paired with a Prince from a far-flung land, she wonders if she can have more than late night study session and barely scraping by. 
Will Sabrina choose the brother who charms her or the one who makes her heart come alive? 

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