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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Featured FREE Book: The Sheikh's Needs by Kylie Knight


Special Bonus 10 Book Collection Inside! 

He wants nothing to do with love… 
Crown Prince Sheikh Malik Yanazi isn’t in the market for love. He’s content to grow his family’s empire while he waits to become the next Sheikh Yanazi of Cerul. But when his father tells him to find a bride or lose Yanazi Holdings, Malik will do things his own way or he will walk away. 
…Yet love is all that’s missing from her life 
Kayla Jeppers is done with powerful men who think they can do whatever they want. She’s been there, done that and has the eight hour marriage to prove it. When she’s commissioned to do the royal painting of Malik Yanazi she doesn’t know that she’s finally met her match. 
When these two come together it is a powerful swirl of emotions and passions that will challenge Malik and Kayla on what they really want, and end up giving them exactly what they need. 

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