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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

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Abandoned at Christmas... 

Foster carer Penny Miller knows only too well how it feels to be unwanted and unloved. She is determined the baby girl left at Seacrest Hospital will never feel that way.

Consultant paediatrician Adam Reynolds insists that as he is the baby's uncle he should care for the child.

They both believe they are right but neither expect the overwhelming attraction between to them to complicate an already impossible situation.

Only one of them can become baby Ella's parents!


What’s a girl to do when the guy she falls for is married to another man?

This is exactly what happened to me. Seeing Josh Kendal stroll out of the Mediterranean Sea wearing tight navy swim trunks and looking like a hot new James Bond was a truly delicious moment. Catching sight of his wedding ring was like a kick in the shin and meeting his gorgeous husband, phew, that was enough to make any girl groan at the cruel joke God was playing on her.

But all was not as it seemed, and when Josh needed a woman to sort out a ‘delicate predicament’ I was the one for the job – heck, what did I have to lose? Certainly not as much as him, literally.

Trouble is, emotions always get tangled, loyalties can’t help but be divided and with a night of memories so hot they'd have the devil sweating, there was only one thing for it—it was time to get honest, fight for what I wanted despite society’s constraints and open my heart to the people it needed most.


Celeste has spent most of her life minding her own business. Quiet and serene she never expects that there is someone else hiding just under the surface. The middle daughter of the police chief in town she used to love adventures as a child. Now as the owner of one of the largest bakery shops in the state her biggest adventure is on what kind of icing she will use with what cupcake. She is restless and looking for something and doesn’t even know it.

When Marcellus comes to town and starts coming to the little diner she owns she finds herself becoming more and more attractive to the stranger. She doesn’t know if it is the aspect that he is new in town and doesn’t know her or that it is him alone. He is sexy as sin and has an aura around him that screams sexuality and mystery. It is the one thing her life doesn’t have. Spontaneity and mystery. When her friend/co-worker pushes her into his arms she has a hard time keeping herself from falling into bed with him but he has a secret. The problem is will she stay when she finds out what it is.

Marcellus comes to the small town in search of his sister. Disappearing from their village and pack she winds up as the latest victim of a serial killer in the small town. He meets Celeste and is instantly attracted but the thing that she wants to help him find is no normal serial killer but a supernatural one. Can he find the thing responsible for the killings and keep Celeste safe and will she let him help her or run away when she finds out the truth about who or what he is?

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