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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Made to be His by Allison Gatta

Andy Archer has never prided herself on her beauty, but when her older brother’s best friend and long time crush offers her a the chance at making over herself—and her career—she can’t bring herself to refuse. Even if it means breaking down all the carefully placed defenses she’s built around her heart… 

Logan Grant needs to make good. After accidentally ruining his best friend’s career, he tries to make up for what he’s done in the only way this prideful family will accept. The only trouble? He never accounted for how he’d be affected by his best friend’s suddenly sexy sister…


When she pulled in, he hardly looked up from his phone, opting instead for an impassive nod.
Good. Maybe he doesn’t want to be here, either. This might just be easier than I thought.
Of course, she should have known better. Before she'd even made it around the front of the car, he was talking. “You’re determined to make this job difficult, aren’t you?"
“I—” She opened her mouth, then closed it again. He’d hardly so much as flicked a glance her way, and apparently that was enough to find her lacking?
If she were in her right mind, she would spin on her heel and leave. Logically, what he said didn't matter—the only thing that mattered was maintaining her ever-dwindling supply of dignity.
But, even with her goodbye on the tip of her tongue, her brain stammered on his words and she started spluttering. "Logan, I— Wait, what did you say?"
He glanced up at her, though he still slouched lazily against his car. “I tried to get one of the makeup girls from one of the magazines to come along and help you, but apparently she can’t be bothered.”
“She’s probably still bothered about the fact you never called her back.”
“How did you—?” He slid his phone into his back pocket.
She rolled her eyes. “You never call them back.”
“Oh, come on, Andy. I’ve changed since college.” He scoffed.
“So you never actually dated her?”
“Well I…We might have gone out a time or two. Very casually.”
“Oh, then you did call her back?” She lifted an eyebrow.
He set his full mouth in a hard line. “We’re not here to discuss me, are we?”
Andy laughed. “That’s what I thought.”
"Look, it doesn’t matter. We don’t need her. I grew up with sisters, and I can fix you up in no time, even wearing that. Ready?"
When she didn’t answer, he caught her forearm with a surprising gentleness, and this time when they touched, there was no fabric to shield her from the spark of electricity that jolted her to the core.
She opened her mouth, determined to find the goodbye she’d come so prepared with, but apparently it had left. In its place was a nervous energy that swelled in her stomach and bubbled up her throat. He was touching her. Her.
Protest washed away, and instead of turning up her nose and spouting off facts about the health benefits of make-up-free skin, she was walking through the swanky shop’s chrome doors as if she were weightless.

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