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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Turbulence Ahead by Phaedra Noble

For newly unemployed and newly single Letitia, the opportunity to switch off from life and soak up the Caribbean sun couldn't come soon enough. There is just the slight problem of a long haul flight to overcome first. Being a nervous flier, it doesn't take much to assault Letitia’s frayed nerves, so finding her seat allocated alongside an over-confident and ridiculously outspoken business man does nothing to lighten Letitia’s mood. Despite her initial irritation at his over-friendly manner, she has to admit that there is certainly something alluring about the sexy and self-assured Anton Cohen, a man who is clearly used to getting what he wants…. And what he wants now is Letitia! 
It seems that temperatures are about to rise before they even reach the Tropics! 

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