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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Book Spotlight: Erotic Message Therapy by Gatita Sarin

How have things been in the bedroom with your lover? Is it still as fiery as it used to be, or has the passion waned somewhat over the years? How would you like to regain all the love and sexual fire that you had at the start of the relationship whilst growing the intimacy and bond that you and your partner share? 
Tantric techniques are ancient arts that have been passed down to us to heal our intimate relationships. They will add laughter, sensuousness and sexuality to your love life and leave your partner begging you for more. 
In this book, we will tackle all the important aspects of these tantric techniques and you will learn each and every tip and trick to get your significant other screaming out your name in ecstasy while his/her body erupts in sexual bliss. Not many people are aware of these tantric secrets and very few know that there is a way to regain the passion of younger years. In this book, you will find all the tantric secrets that you will need to unleash the passion once again. 
A few hours of reading is all you will need to turn your boring sex life into one that is bubbling with excitement. 

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