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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Book Spotlight: Little Governess by Malvina Winter

"I have never stopped wanting you, no matter what you've done..." 

When a scandalous affair with her employer ends in her termination, young governess Miss Violet Russell, has no choice but to accept a position in North Yorkshire for the mysterious Daniel Raven, a man that she slighted many years before, who can only be out for revenge. 

From the moment she arrives, something is amiss. For one, there are no children at Yarnbarrow. A strict and buxom housekeeper gives bizarre orders that, if disobeyed, have humiliating consequences. The dashing Lord Raven frightens her the most, and yet awakens a sense of love she’s never felt before. One thing is clear. Violet hasn’t been invited to Yarnbarrow as a governess. She has been invited to Yarnbarrow Daniel’s little ward. And Daniel is determined to teach her a lesson she never learned in her youth: how to get along with others. 

Will Violet ever come to accept her new role? Can Daniel Raven’s revenge result in love? 

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