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Monday, 18 January 2016

Book Spotlight: One Hot Night by Megan West

That’s the reason he gave Marisa when he broke up with her… 

“You’re too self-absorbed…” 

Ever since their breakup she’s been devastated, but she’s determined to take her mind off the heartache. 

Tonight she’s going out. 

And when she sees a mysterious man that looks totally out of place, her heartache takes a back seat to lustful attraction. Even through a crowded dance floor, he captivates her with his steady confidence and piercing gaze. 

But this stranger has a rough side… 

…a dark side… 

And before long, Marisa is thrust into a world she doesn’t understand—a world of domination and submission. 

She only wanted to get over her recent breakup, but now she’s in for One Hot Night 

This short story asks the question, can One Hot Night with a stranger help you get over a rough breakup? It’s the perfect short spicy romance for readers that love dominant alpha males. And just when you didn’t think the heat could get turned up any further…there’s FREE BONUS STORIES in the back! 

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