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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Book Spotlight: Sex, Lies, and Sinful Wives by C.A. Bell


Five lunchtime reads that are sure to leave you with a whet appetite and desire to sin. 

Following The Commandments isn’t always easy… 

Reverend James Ashworth 

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain… unless offered redemption. 

Jessica Collins used to dread Sunday mornings. At least she did until the new Reverend stepped into church. Now she spends her days daydreaming about him and waiting for Sunday to come so she can listen to his sermons and fantasise about them both up on the altar. 
Will she find the nerve to make her fantasy a reality? Or will the saint inside her rise above the sinner? 

You Get What You Pay For 

Thou shalt not commit adultery… with another man. 

Sophie isn’t a lesbian; neither is she bisexual. She’s married to a man. So, why is she paying to sleep with a woman? 
Join Sophie on her first visit to a brothel where she spends an hour with Molly, and find out what her real agenda is. 


Thou shalt not steal… valuables. 

Husband and wife, Eric and Monica, have a plan. Seduction. To seduce women to feed their dirty desires. And tonight Monica’s seductive ways and bewitching powers don’t fail her. She gets her chosen girl. But will Eric get what he and his wife planned on? 

Seducing the Jury 

Thou shalt not bear false witness… without good reason. 

After committing a robbery together, Brooke and Danny thought they’d gotten away with it. That is until Danny is arrested. With an eye witness only seeing Danny at the scene of the crime, Brooke is determined to get her husband off the hook too. And she’ll do whatever it takes. 

Naughty Neighbours 

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, wife or possessions… unless she’s gagging for it. 

Nelly loves her husband, but recently he has been hinting at spicing up their love life, which has made Nelly paranoid. Was she boring now after only three years of marriage? 
Determined to banish her fear of being dull in the bedroom, Nelly decides to knock their sex life up a notch or two. And her idea seems like a good one…at least until she has to clean the mess up afterwards. 


Reverend James Ashworth

Jessica Collins used to dread Sunday mornings. The thought of having to get up early after a long week of work to attend church with her grandparents used to grate at her, but not anymore. Ever since she attended the Sunday service three weeks ago and met the new Reverend James Ashworth, she has been up extra early, suited and booted and ready to gaze at him from a distance whilst he preaches to the congregation.
The last vicar, Edward, would send her to sleep with his dull monotone voice and hymns that would make you want to commit suicide. His sermons would always overrun, and he would always insist on collaring her after the service to persuade her to help out in the church, to which she would always politely remind him that she didn’t have the time anymore due to her new job. However, if the new Reverend was to ask, which she was hoping he would, she would gladly give up her evenings to help out, if only to be in his company and listen to his deep sensuous voice.
Jessica had a sneaking suspicion that the Rev. had a thing for her. When being introduced for the first time by Sandra, one of the regular hat-wearing churchgoers, she could have sworn he gave her the once over, but discarded the look as a figment of her imagination. A man of the cloth would never do such a thing. Would he?
Her suspicions increased with the following week. When it came to the signing of the peace, he almost immediately headed her way and grasped her hand softly, giving her a warm smile as he uttered the words, “Peace be with you, Jessica.”
Feeling the area between her legs tingle at his touch, she envisaged God that very moment writing her name on the list for Hell as she returned the peace with damp knickers. And from that moment on, she has not been able to get him out of her mind. The Reverend, that is.

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