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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Book Spotlight: The Spanking Follies Paperback by Robert Livenmore

These fifteen stories are crafted for an inspiring, up-beat read, though some behinds-of both genders-end up on the tender side. The language and manners are upscale, romantic, and sexy, with never a hint of vulgarity. Share the experience of an over-the-knee spanking, or being helplessly strapped to a spanking bench, after years of dreaming of and longing for such a BDSM experience.

The characters in The Spanking Follies are incredibly varied in many ways, though they all have one important thing in common—their kink. From high-powered professionals and feisty professors to the carefree young, they stumble into—or seek out—the exhilaration or strange sense of satisfaction that the paddle, hairbrush, or hand can provide.

The encounters in this titillating text are unexpectedly erotic and humorous and may stimulate some sensitive parts of one's anatomy. But don’t be surprised if they also stimulate parts above the waistline, as twists and turns delight the reader.

The characters are lovingly created, and the plots (including a tear-jerking ’war’ story) are wildly diverse. Livenmore’s writing is as sincere and satirical as it is sexy, as it explores the emotional and romantic elements that are often overlooked in books catering simply to sexual interests—so, your heart is in for an eye-opening journey.


“What variety you have. Which is preferable? Plastic, leather, or wood?” Daniel removed a black leather paddle from the display.
The paddle was ten inches long, with a blade of six inches. One side was black leather, and the other black fur.
“It’s a matter of taste,” she said. “Kind of like choosing between romaine or iceberg lettuce. If you’re thinking of effectiveness, there’s an easy way to test,” the clerk said. She took the paddle from him and swatted her left forearm with the furry side. “Barely can feel this,” she said. She turned the paddle over and hit her forearm with the leather side. It made a thwack sound.
“Let me show you.” She reached for his arm.
“Ah…okay,” said Daniel. “What’s your name?”
“I’m Jodi, and that’s Lisa,” she said, pointing to the counter.
“Nice to meet you.”
“Welcome to La Xotica.” Jodi put her hand around his wrist to hold his arm in place. Daniel felt a twang at the touch.
She struck his arm with the furry side of the paddle.
“Not much of anything, is it?” she asked.
“You’re right. I barely felt it.”
“I’ll turn this over to the leather side, and you’ll be able to feel the difference.” She lifted the paddle way over her head, and brought it down hard. 
He jerked his arm back. “Hey! Yeow!”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Her tone seemed to express deep concern. “Are you okay? Did I do it too hard? Here, let me see.” Once again, she held his wrist. She examined his arm, which had a reddish stripe where the leather had struck. She rubbed the spot gently with her fingers, still holding his wrist so she could examine his injury more closely. “Does that feel better? Hmm. You know what? I think you’re going to be all right.” She continued with the tender rubbing motion.
Daniel couldn’t tell if she was expressing real concern or being a little sarcastic.
“Let me give it a try.” Daniel reached for the paddle, thinking the assault opened up more possibilities.
She turned away, putting the paddle out of his reach. “No, no, no, customers aren’t allowed—”
“The customer’s always right.” Daniel kept reaching, putting his arms around her, feeling for the paddle.
“Not in this store!” She clasped the paddle on her chest with her hands and arms to prevent him from getting a grip on it. “Stop that or I’ll have to ask you to leave!”
He stopped. “That’s convenient.”
She ignored the irony. “Please behave if you want to continue.”
“Okay. I promise to…behave.”
“That’s better.”
“You’re very good at demonstrating,” he said. He checked his arm for blood or whatever, making sure she saw he was still concerned about the effect her substantial whack had on his skin.
“Thanks,” said Jodi, no longer concerned about his smarting forearm.
Daniel watched with amusement as Jodi returned the hotly-contested paddle to its proper place on the display. He could have grabbed it, but moving on seemed to be a better idea.
Next to the paddles, whips, and floggers was a display that contained various insertion toys.

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