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Friday, 15 January 2016

Featured FREE Book: Black Chick White Stick by Rusty Keane


“Don’t hurt me with this,” she said, wagging my [CENSORED] in her hands fondly. “I’m small down there.” 

Man, another crazy chick that thinks they’re going to be the next supermodel. Cassie was a sexy black girl, 19, long and lean, eager to take some photos with me to jumpstart her modeling career. She learns quick how it works with sleazeball Rusty Keane. Get ready for a backdoor creaming! 

Read along as I take her to pound town, thump her mound, turn her ‘round, and crown her brown… creamy brown skin, that is… and you’re going to cream yourself as you watch ol’ white Rusty ooze out of her backdoor. It don’t get any dirtier than this! 

You love reading about remorseless alpha jerks like me taking advantage of chicks half my age? Check the Look Inside right now and get your paws around this book. STAY HARD!

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