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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Featured FREE Book: Flogged for the First Time by Nira Kennedy

Ciara learns on her way to work that her boyfriend has been not only cheating on her, but in fact had been using her as a sidepiece while still remaining with his previous girlfriend. Ciara decides to take the day off, and stays on the bus as its passengers leave at the last stop – all but one passenger, an intriguing, dark-haired man who goes by “Zamir” and doesn’t take no for answer. 
They meet at a pub, and things escalate to his nearby apartment, where he gives her the “massage” he promised. The flogger’s massage is not what Ciara had had in mind, but she likes it. She loves it. She takes it harder and harder, all along her bare back, and tests Zamir to the absolute limit of BDSM that his muscles can deliver in a night that neither of them will soon forget.

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