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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Featured FREE Book: It's a Good Thing by Kristen Flowers


Sometimes you have to let go to have a new beginning… 

Grace knows her two-year relationship with Steve is coming to an end. 

She knows it. She can feel it. 

But she can’t accept it. 

Her heart feels like it’s getting ripped from her chest every time she thinks about breaking up. 

Luckily she has her caring longtime friend Jacob to catch her when she falls. 

But when she falls a little too hard… 
…Jacob falls for her. 

Now she’s caught in a hurricane of emotions and a zillion questions racing through her mind. 

But the question that haunts her the most… 

Should she risk her friendship with Jacob for something more? 

Or will she lose everything with the worst mistake she’s ever made… 

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