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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Featured FREE Book: Sheikh's Private Dancer by Kylie Knight


Rhiannon “Ree” Abbott, exotic dancer, is a year away from earning her postgraduate degree in physical therapy. Her unconventional job helps her fill in the shortfall that remains, after grants and scholarships, to pay for her classes. The last thing she needs is the distraction of the man she fell for in her junior year in college, a man who is married to someone else. She would never be his mistress...she was worth more than that. But when he returns, wanting to pick up where they had left off, she is hard pressed to deny him anything. Can she hold her ground against the man who has her heart, or will she cave and become his reluctant mistress? 

Sheikh Samir bin Rashid el Abassi lives with a foot in two worlds -- in Marabah, his home country, and in the United States, where he maintains a permanent residence. The first time he sees Rhiannon Abbott, her body captivates him completely, and he pursues her relentlessly until he gets her. He had told her about the loveless marriage which he was about to enter, and Ria had let him go. Samir had thought then that he could stay away from her, but he finds himself unable to resist her siren call. His divorce begins his new pursuit of Ria, and he sets his sights on regaining the love of the woman who has captured his imagination from the start. He wants her to be his wife, not his mistress, but he will have to fight her mistrust to prove himself. 

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