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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Featured FREE Book:Sleeping with the Sheikh by Kylie Knight

Clarice Herston is the wealthy wife of a business mogul and active participant in a charity function that focuses on children and literacy. Farhid Kanaan is the Prince of Qatar and next in line to the throne. These two collide when they find themselves in New York City at a charity function, but can anything become of it? They both are already married, but sometimes passion outweighs marriage. Sometimes the flames that lick at the heart are more powerful than any outside force. 

Farhid Kanaan has already discovered this. He knows he cannot let go of this beautiful, intriguing woman now that he has found her, but will she be willing to leap? Can she give up her life and her husband’s security to take a chance on yet another whirlwind romance? When passion consumes her and Farhid refuses to back off, she may find herself with only one choice: Follow her heart. 

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