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Monday, 18 January 2016

Today's Free and Bargain Books

Once upon a time nine historical romance authors created a fairy tale inspired Regency world… 

Resisting Romeo by Samantha Grace
Enchanted By the Earl by Amanda Mariel
Wish Upon A Kiss by Meara Platt
A Duke Worth His Salt by Allison Merritt
Masquerading as a Miss by Ari Thatcher
Searching for My Rogue by Dawn Brower
The Enchanted Cave by Sue London
Taming Beauty by Lynne Barron
Stealing a Lady’s Heart by Tammy Andresen

Join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance in the limited edition box set Once Upon A Regency: Timeless Tales And Fables! Set includes 9 never told before stories.


A simple country girl at the mercy of a cold-hearted thief with more secrets than scruples. 

As a widow, Jessamine gained the freedom she’d always desired. Her late husband left her his sole possession, an inn on the north road to Scotland. When a trio of gentlemen appear at the doorstep of her isolated inn during a snowstorm, Jess can’t help the curiosity coursing through her veins. Eavesdropping on their conversation only entangles her in their web of deception.

To the petite innkeeper, Edmund is a wealthy thief. Allowing her to think what she will, he decides to use her to his advantage. That is until she hides the stolen jewels and refuses to reveal their location. Never cowed by a challenge, Edmund issues an ultimatum: return the jewels or repay the debt with her body.


I want someone I can’t have—my pupil. She’s young, curvy, intelligent. Everything I crave. I just need to keep my hands to myself for a little while longer. Problem is, when she comes looking for a hero, I can’t help wanting to come to her rescue.


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