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Monday, 4 January 2016

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Liz is slowly accomplishing her goals:
1. Get out of her small town- CHECK
2. Graduate College- CHECK
3. Move to New York- CHECK
4. Get a job- working on it
5. Find drama- WAIT! NO!

Finding drama was NOT on her to-do list, but apparently life didn’t get the memo, because it threw her one heck of a curveball. What curveball you ask? It’s not a what, but a who and that who would be Mr. Kade Ian Parker. The tattooed, short-tempered, sexier-than-should-be-allowed businessman has turned her world more than upside down. He obliterated it. Her life has turned into something that even a soap opera writer couldn’t come up with.

Kade never wanted to find love. He saw how his family crumbled after his mom left; there was no way he was going to be crushed by another woman. No one had come close to making him want more, until her. No matter how hard he fought his attraction and oh did he try. Hell, he basically pushed her into another man’s arms, nothing changed.

He. Still. Wanted. Her.


Tessa DeCarlo is a career woman, and a devoted wife. Her work life is good-fulfilling, even. However, she can't say the same about her marriage. But Tessa loves her husband, and she is determined to make their union work. She overlooks their lackluster sex life, as well as his disinterest in doing 'couple stuff'. It's what she signed on for, after all. For better or worse, right? But, when Tessa is hit with the ultimate betrayal just days before her class reunion, maintaining loyalty inside of a failing marriage is the last thing on her mind. 

Despite what she has gone through, and rather than wallow in self-pity, Tessa decides to attend the event. She has no idea what to expect from the evening, its sole purpose is meant to serve as a getaway. But, when she encounters August, a former college classmate, sparks fly. But not for long . . . There will be twists, turns, and added cast members to bring this story to life. Will Tessa return to her marriage and try to make it work? Will she decide on a road untraveled? Or, will she choose to be alone?


Sara can't believe it when her friends Harrison, Jasmine, and Matt actually agree to try "The Challenge" one drunken, moonlit night. The four close friends and Seattle neighbors figure it's a positively inspired way to jog them out of their romantic ruts. All they have to do is have sex with each other for four hours every week and the rest of the time they will carefully preserve the sanctified friend zone and nobody will be hurt. Right? Wrong… 

Eight to Midnight is a steamy, sizzling New Adult romance that contains two friends-to-lovers romances—Jasmine and Matt's story and Sara and Harrison's story. The story is told in five episodes in serial format. The episodes have cliffhanger endings. Episodes 2-5 each contain a full eight-to-midnight Challenge night for both couple


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