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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c The Hitman's Dancer by Tabatha Kiss

The Snake Eyes Series: Standalone Romances. Interconnecting Stories. One Unforgettable Adventure. 

While a bodyguard protected a beautiful starlet in Los Angeles... 
A hitman knocked on a door in Chicago. 


It was only supposed to be one night. 

One night with me and I’d make her father’s debt to the Zappia crime family a little easier to swallow. 
Turns out, swallowing ain’t much of an issue for Lucy Vaughn. 

I should never have gotten involved with her. Now, the Zappia family is after her and she’s lost everything. Hell, even Snake Eyes — the deadliest criminal organization on the planet — wants to see her in the ground. 

It’s all my fault. A few blissful nights in my bed and her life is ruined. 

Lucy wants payback. She wants to watch them burn for what they did to her and I can’t say she’s wrong. 
But I won’t let her become a killer. 
Not like me. 


I was a dancer. The star ballerina of my father’s dance company. 
Until one day, Dante Hart came strolling into his office and whisked me off to his place. 

The next thing I knew, my entire world burned around me. 

The Zappia family took everything from me. 
I want to return the favor in blood. 

Luckily, I know a man who knows a little something about killing but Dante ain’t interested in teaching me much outside of his bed. 

I will have my revenge. With or without him. 

Now, where did he hide the keys to these cuffs? 

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