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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c A Passionate Exclusive by Katrina Knight

Lori Campbell was a widely respected political journalist and she loved her job right until her editor put her to writing on entertainment as punishment for submitting her last op-ed too late. Lori was angry, not only was being asked to cover entertainment cruel in itself, she had been asked to write an exclusive on Josh Powell. Of all people! 

Josh Powell was a star as stars come and perhaps he shined more brightly by wining almost all awards that came his way. He was a talented actor and no one could dispute that, just as they wouldn’t dispute that he was a playboy and occasionally an asshole. 

To write this exclusive on Josh, Lori had to shadow him and perhaps get to know him a little. What Lori didn’t expect was the sizzling attraction she felt for Josh, and for the first time ever Lori was scared she would throw her professionalism in the wind just to have a chance in the dashing actor’s arms. Surely she didn’t expect that writing entertainment would be this hard. 

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