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Monday, 1 February 2016

Book Spotlight: Spectral by Duen

Skye is more than the cold, seemingly-emotionless young woman everyone sees. She is the living, breathing manifestation of the Void, a timeless entity that has always been. She has unknowingly experienced thousands of lives, one of which has left her riddled with trauma and nightmares, self-loathing and fear.

When she meets Vale, the lover from her past, they are plummeted through a series of memories, strewn across dimensions and eventually come to meet their previous selves in the flesh. Together, the four of them strive to piece together their shattered memories while battling the cause of Skye’s suffering: a cold, heartless enemy that has followed her from beyond space and time.

Vale was at her back the moment Skye’s second shoe fell loose; she slid a hand to her hip and led her into the apartment with another low chuckle. Skye found herself sucking at the inside of her lip again, hard enough to draw blood. The door clicked shut, followed by a second trailing hand on her waist.
She turned in Vale’s arms and exhaled another shaking breath. Her back met with the wall, and she couldn’t tell if she’d done it herself or if Vale had steered her there. All she could focus on were her dark eyes, flashing back and forth from beneath long lashes.
Vale moved slowly in, led her lips over Skye’s jaw and whispered, “Still terrified?”

Skye tensed at the wave of heat that ran through her. It landed with a jolt between her legs and her face caught fire. Both of Vale’s hands were on her hips and she was wholly enveloped in her warmth, her scent…her.

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