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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Today's Free and Bargain Books

While fighting the War on Drugs in Latin America, Marine Brody Teller was involved in an accident that left him with a supernatural power: a deep connection to the sea and the ability to control it. 

When the mysterious Joe Smith approaches him with an incredible job offer, Brody thinks it’s too good to be true. His life-saving need and his desire to be near the ocean while earning a living are rolled into one perfect job.

Rayna Lopez lives a quiet life as she tries to climb her way up the CIA ladder, always in fear the government will learn of her family lineage. When her father asks for help getting her famous and belligerent half-sister out of trouble, Rayna reluctantly agrees to travel with her and they board a yacht where they will be protected.

Brody and Rayna realize they’ve met before, and despite a significant lack of trust between them, they face an attraction neither can deny. As they fight to keep Rayna’s sister alive, lies are revealed and secrets are told. They must both learn to trust each other, and—if they live through their voyage—figure out what to do about their whirlwind romance.


A substantial lottery win should have solved all of Maddie Green’s problems. 

It didn’t.

Instead, trouble walked into town in the shape of Sawyer Steele, the former bad boy of Ballicliff Bay—and ex-fiancĂ©.

After the death of his father—a man Sawyer can hardly bring himself to miss—brings him back to the quiet Cornish town, he knows it’s time to prove he’s more than just a delinquent. And it’s time to win Maddie back. He’s always regretted what he did to her and Maddie will learn just how determined he can be. However, with the locals practically ready to get out their pitchforks upon his return, winning her might not be as easy as he hoped.

For someone who has spent her whole life playing it safe, Maddie can’t help but be enticed by the man she once loved. He brings excitement to her rather stale life. But is excitement a good enough reason to risk her heart again? Especially when he can’t stand the town she adores so much, and there’s secrets hovering between them.

Can the bad boy and the good girl really have a happy ending?

Maddie’s not so sure.

Sawyer’s determined to prove her wrong.


One lie can destroy everything. What will a pile of them do? 

A chance encounter changed everything for Ryan and Liz. Five months later, they have an all-consuming love, a deep emotional bond, an explosive sexual chemistry, and a newfound trust. They’re engaged and on the way to their happily ever after.
The only problem is a secret from Elizabeth’s past that Ryan has been hiding.
The truth will come out. Will it set Ryan and Liz free or break them apart and destroy their dreams?
Life challenges every relationship. Ryan and Liz will learn that secrets aren’t their only problem.


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