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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Featured FREE Book: Hard Love by Kristen Flowers and Megan West


I thought love was supposed to be easy

I’ve been in the illegal fighting business for far too long and I’m at my breaking point. I want nothing more than to leave this dangerous lifestyle behind and never look back. 

But Nathan, the man I love, is the best fighter in the city and he’s neck deep in this dangerous world. I’ve given him a choice. 

Quit fighting and leave with me… 

…Or I’ll leave him. 

Enter Nick. 

The dangerous Mob boss that runs the city’s fighting circuit. But that’s not all he his… 
He’s also my ex-boyfriend. 

And when Nick finds out about me and Nathan, he’s determined to black mail, bribe, and frighten us to do his bidding. 
But Nathan is a born fighter and that’s exactly what he’ll do. 

Now we’re fighting for our love, fighting to escape, 

…but most of all 

Fighting to survive… 

And I thought love was supposed to be easy… 

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