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Friday, 4 March 2016

Book Spotlight: Queen of His Heart (Queen Quartette Book 3) by Lena Hart

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Looks can be deceiving...
Carlos Moreno is captivated by his boss' new assistant. Beyond Judith Bell's beauty is a sweet, gentle woman needing desperately to be loved. After an abusive relationship leaves her guarded and withdrawn, Judith finds comfort in her quiet, predictable life. But ignoring the sexy, dark-eyed security chief--and her attraction to him--is proving impossible.

When an internal investigation into the attempted theft of company files points to Judith, Carlos begins to wonder if she's as innocent as she appears. On the run from her mistakes and forced into hiding, Judith must decide to trust Carlos or face her monsters alone.

Left wondering if he's been duped by a pretty face, Carlos is torn between two choices: fulfilling his duties as chief of security or protecting the woman who's already stolen his heart.


“Did you miss me, muñeca?”
She had. Very much. But he would probably just gloat over it so there was no need for her to inflate his ego.
“I know you missed me,” he continued when she remained quiet. “Don’t pretend that you didn’t.”
“I’ve been busy,” she retorted.
His gaze was penetrating, intense. She had to look away.
“I’ve been busy too, but I still missed you.”
Her eyes swung back up to his, and she swallowed hard. His words were like a warm, soothing balm over her rigid body. He was always so confident and open with his feelings. For a moment, she envied him for that, wondering what would it be like to share her feelings freely, to let herself be vulnerable again.
His gaze drifted down to her lips and he shifted closer to her. She placed her hand hesitantly on his abdomen to stop his advancement. It was hard to the touch and flexed under her fingers.
“Would you please stop looking at me like that?”
He grabbed her hand and drew it away from his midsection. When she tried to tug free, he held it firmly in his. “Like what?” he asked, his tone low and deep.
Like you want to eat me. She glanced down at his chest, her face heating up at the thought. She didn’t dare say that.
“Seriously, Mr. Moreno, we—”
He groaned. “Don’t start with that, muñeca. You don’t have to be formal with me. It’s just us in here.” His eyes gleamed devilishly. “And I like how you say my name. Especially when you’re hot for me.”
She wouldn’t have been surprised if her face had turned crimson through her brown skin in that moment. The memories that his words evoked were not something she wanted to have right now under the harsh fluorescent lighting of the small conference room. She would reserve them for when she was in the privacy of her bed and she could let the memory roam free.
Carlos released her hand then reached out and brushed her hair back. She sucked in a sharp breath when his knuckles lightly grazed the skin that was exposed from her dark, high collared blouse.
He tugged down the collar and frowned slightly, his gaze trained on her neck.
The make-up must have worn off.
“Did I do that?” he asked quietly. “Does it hurt?”
She stiffly shook her head, her gaze never leaving his face.
He dropped his hand. “I’ll be more careful next time.”
She shook her head again. “What happened last night was not…professional,” she began. “It should have never happened.”
“You’re right,” he said with a heavy sigh. “But can you blame me? You’re beautiful and sexy and I wanted you.”
Her stomach fluttered at his words. He took her hand again and brought it up to his lips. He kissed her palm and her hand tingled from the warm touch.
His dark eyes took on a glint and he gave her a crooked grin. “You know, if you were print on a page, I’d call you fine print.”
Her eyes widened in surprise by the sudden change in topic. A small smile tugged at her lips and she shook her head in exasperation. “You’re so corny.”
His eyes flashed brilliantly. “I’m corny for you, baby.”

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