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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Book Spotlight: Under A Blood Kissed Moon by Kelleye Richards

Thoren de Lucien 
A vampire tormented by his past, his family and clan torn apart by shifters. He is now on the hunt; killing any who dares to cross his path. After a passionate encounter at a bar with a female shifter, he is left shaken when he goes after her planning to get some answers. What he got wasn't what he was expecting. 

Ember Scott 
Working as a bartender, a snow leopard shifter raised by two vampires, she has never had issues with her customers, especially those with fangs. However, one fateful night left her almost dead. Thoren was unlike any vampire she'd ever met and she was determined to break through his tough exterior and help heal his broken past. But first she has to deal with her own past. 

When Thoren’s past shows up, in the forms of two shifters, it threatens everything they have built together in trust. Will Thoren convince Ember she is all he needs? Or will his past tear them apart?

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