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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Book Spotlight:The REM Reaper by Tiana Laveen

For renowned hypnotist Jayson Sebastian Toscana, life has never been easy, or ordinary, from the day he and his twin brother drew their first breaths. Labeled a troubled child, he struggles to turn a new leaf. After putting trust in a friend turned foe, he suffers the worst act of betrayal. He makes a fresh start, but change proves hard, for evil and buried secrets sometimes fester, becoming larger and more threatening with time. As he teeters back and forth on the line of good versus evil, temptation visits him in the form of Dr. Ava James. 

Ava is an accomplished, cultured, and charming veterinarian. She has a host of close girlfriends, runs a thriving clinic, and helps both her furry patients and their owners. However, not everything is quite peachy-keen, for the good doctor suffers from a sleep disorder that has tormented her for the majority of her life: Ava is a notorious sleepwalker. 

Finally, she seeks help at the urging of her best friend. Upon meeting Jayson, his handsome looks, demeanor, and powerful mystique bowl her over. As they get to know one another, the ultimate no-no is now deliberated: Can Jayson date his patient? 

Love blooms but Jayson’s past still haunts him, while Ava has a hidden REM state secret or two of her own. It takes the likes of Jayson Toscana to bring the darkness forth, to finally uncover what she’s known all along but was unable to face…until NOW. Secrets are exposed, hearts are broken and healed, and love blooms—but can it last after all is said and done? And, can good finally trump evil? 

Step into the lives of Jayson Sebastian Toscana and Ava James and let yourself be hypnotized. The answers to these questions await… 


Mr. Toscana laughed, a tinkling sound, his head falling back and allowing waves of luxurious jet black hair to cascade from his face. He was easy going, had a way of fooling one into believing he was harmless if he so chose. The hellion was persuasive and intimidating all at once. Those lifeless, cobalt eyes glared at the ceiling as if viewing stars in the sky. He slowly dropped his head back down and their eyes met, his lips rounded at the ends like some diabolic joker from a spellbound deck of cards…

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