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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Featured FREE Book: Awarded the the Alien by Ashley L. Hunt

Kerr, the Alpha male, the Prince of The Euthenian Nebula, is a man with a mission to unite Earth and his planet. 
Kataline, a strong and well-educated young woman and the first of the genetically modified females to be awarded to an alien. 

She’s not happy with her predetermined fate. 

He thinks it will be easy to handle her. 

Something changes when they see each other…

But …

Some promises are meant to be broken… 

Some others have different plans for the young couple, other than mating… 

An uprising stage at The Euthenian Nebula, while the Royal family and their guards are away on Earth! 

-“Take her to the holding chamber.” 

- “No!” 

Is it really Kataline’s fault? Is she just a pawn in all this? What will happen between the Prince and his new Princess? 



The stars twinkle over my head and the news my father, the Senator, has just given me tells me somewhere up amongst them is the man who is to be my husband. Since Earth is trying desperately to stay out of a war with the Euthenia Nebula, I have been informed it’s my great honor to be the first Earthling to be awarded as a bride to the hierarchy who rules the distant planet.

Only thing is I don’t see it as an honor. I see it for what it is. I am a pawn in this game the men who run Earth call expansion. The need to expand constantly our reach as Earthlings is a thing the handful of men who rule the entire Earth have foremost on their minds.

My father made sure the blood which flows through my veins is as pure as any Earthling’s can be. A bit of a science project my older sister and I are. Only she was smart and lost her innocence to a common man and by doing so, she took herself out of the supposedly honorable position as a pure bride to be offered or awarded to the alien races.

To ensure my father had, at least, one viable prodigy he could use in aiding his addiction to rule over as many planets as possible, I have been kept locked up. 

Oh, my prison has been a place of grandeur and great beauty. I have never been treated without respect and honor. I also have never been able to make my own decisions or leave the estate. 

Due to my special lineage, I’m too perfect not to be used for the supposed good of our planet and our species. My father often tells me how the surrogate who carried me died as she gave birth to me, but told him she was not dying in vain. She promised him I would help to make Earth the superpower he dreamt it would be one day.

My body carries the DNA of fifteen people. Some are prizewinning scientists, some are great athletes, and a couple of them are scholarly geniuses. Then there were two, a man and a woman who were simply added because of their great beauty. 

When I look in the mirror I don’t see all of that. I see a young woman who has been kept much like a diamond in a box, waiting for someone to open it and see it sparkle and shine. But an alien is not who I wanted to open it.

I love this planet and have no desire to even visit another, much less rule it. The man I’m being awarded to is a prince. The Prince of Euthenia, Kerr, is who will become my husband in the matter of one week. 

His face I will see for the first time when my father walks me down the aisle to give me to him. After the reception, I am expected to let the stranger take my innocence. I am expected to be submissive to him, his wants, and his needs. 

Euthenia is a planet ruled by men. Much the same as Earth, only on Earth we all pretend we have the same rights. It’s not that way on Euthenia. As a princess and one-day queen, my father has told me I will be honored and respected more so than other females on the planet. He tells me my life there will be fantastic and I’m so lucky.

Then why do I not feel lucky?

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