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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Featured FREE Book: Innocent in New York by Victoria Sterling


Sophia, a hardworking twenty-five-year-old, is sent on a late-night mission by her boss. A casual, calm Friday evening transform into a night where she needs to mingle with New York's finest socialites, masked and dressed in tulle and lace, like straight out of a Venetian carnival. 

Sophia's mission seems hopeless, and though dazzled by the luxurious event and beautiful guests, she’s reminded she’s not one of them. A devastatingly handsome, masked gentleman coming to her rescue turns everything upside down within the span of seconds. Their highly unlikely match is further shown when she exposes herself as the innocent girl she truly is. 

When trying to break free from her untouched status once and for all, tension ensues when the man who had so easily swept her off her feet turns out to be a dominant. 

Dare she follow him into his world? 

Are you ready? 

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