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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c All Washed Up by Rosamund Snow

One Moment. One mistake changes her life forever... 

When a horrific event turns a holiday of a lifetime into a nightmare, Lara Adams finds herself stranded on a remote tropical island. Much to her surprise, she joins three shipwrecked men who have already been desperately awaiting rescue for over 15 years. 

One of the men proves to be something of a distraction from the beautiful, but unforgiving environment where everyday is a struggle for survival. He is handsome, charming and intelligent, but also bitter and angry thanks to so long on the island. 

Lara initially clashes with this particular member of their tiny island community. But as they are forced to live alongside one another as fellow castaways, she starts to see another side to his personality and finds herself increasingly drawn to him...Lara tries to ignore her growing attraction to him, but finds it hard to avoid since on the island there really is nowhere to run... 

Will she and the others find rescue? Or will she be doomed to live a life she never could have imagined, thousands of miles from everything she has ever known? 

Will she find love in the most unforeseen of circumstances? Download your copy of All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run now and find out... 

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