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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Erotica Short Stories by Andrea Lovelace


Tattoos and Cocktails

It’s just another day for Taylor at the bar. An animated and energetic mixologist who has a tendency to attract trouble. Women often tend to stay a little longer after ordering when Taylor is around. After all, a little bit of flirting has never caused any trouble. But, tonight seems to be a little different. Kimber has decided to step into Taylor’s cave. An aloof yet a bold girl who is capable of drawing out a person’s deepest desires. With a few cocktails, a hint of ecstasy, we will find out what happens next…

Girls Night Out

It’s a Friday night for Justin. Weekends are a good opportunity to make some cash while driving for Uber but there are consequences. Good clients, bad clients, angry clients, happy clients he has seen it all. But, what about these three gorgeous ladies who are in a mood for something else. As they ride back home, a few kisses have turned on the heat among the ladies. Justin feels a little uncomfortable but his heart is racing at the same time. Is he going to stop them or let them be?

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