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Friday, 8 April 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Love and Wargames: A Bad Boy Hacker Romance by Tabatha Kiss

While a hitman trained a broken dancer… 
A hacker fled to Los Angeles. 


We got married two years ago. 
I haven’t seen her since. 

We met in Afghanistan. She was a soldier. I was a geek with a laptop. 
I never thought I stood a chance but a few secret trysts together proved otherwise. 

Tragedy struck and it tore us apart but I never stopped loving her. 

Now, Snake Eyes is looking for me and they sent two of their best assassins to track me down. 
There’s only one person I can trust to keep me safe and she hates my guts. 

Caleb Fawn. My estranged wife. 
This should be fun. 


I don’t believe in second chances. 
But this is Boxcar we’re talking about here. 

We met in Afghanistan. He was a smart-ass. I was his bodyguard. 
I wanted to keep it professional but just one look in his eyes was enough to melt my damn panties off. 

It couldn’t last. Being a soldier comes with a price and I wasn’t about to let him pay it. 

Now, Snake Eyes wants what he’s got and they’ll get it unless I help him. 
The only problem is that the two of us can’t be in the same room together without screaming at each other or tearing our clothes off. Sometimes both. 

Boxcar. My idiot husband. 
This should be a disaster. 

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