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Friday, 1 April 2016

Book Spotlight: Heart of the Pride by Mary Leihsing and Aden Lewis


Alexis was finally getting to go to college and study music. Twenty-four years old and still living at home with an overprotective Dad, this was a dream come true. Then her new bodyguard Derek turns out to be more than all muscle. She wants to give him more than her heart. More shocking is the fact that he actually returns her interest! 

Of course, Alexis has no idea that Derek and his friends are all Werelions. She learns soon enough when she and Derek get intimate; the clothes come off. 

Alexis can’t catch a break! Every time she is getting close to Derek gunmen start chasing her, an insane Alpha Were, a creepy secret admirer or worse her Dad show up! As the stakes rise and Derek's friends move into the house, she might be safe with three huge military Weres around all the time, but when will she and Derek have any time to for themselves?

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