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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Book Spotlight: The Sound of Acquiescence (The Gift of Submisson Book 1) by Candace Michelle

After a few minutes in the bathroom, I came out and Slade had laid clothes on the bed for me, a T- shirt and gym shorts. I did not have a bra on, nevertheless I slipped on the shirt and shorts with no panties. I followed the path back to the deck and found Slade cleaning the grill. I stood in the door and watched the fluidity of his muscle under his compression shirt. Did he work out this morning? Dang I wish I would have watched him work out, where is his gym, why am I am asking all of these questions? He turned around and caught me gawking at him, I tucked my head and looked across his backyard. He laughed at me. 
“Sequoia, it is ok if you look at me, what we are embarking on, we will look at each other a lot. Coy, I don’t want just your body, I want all of you. If we are going to do this, you must embrace it fully.” Slade specified . 
I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so I walked over to the edge of the deck and gathered my thoughts. I heard him shuffle around and walk back into the house. I stayed outside until I heard him call my name. “Coy, I cooked a fresh breakfast, more like a brunch, coming inside.” I took a deep breath and walked in. We sat at the breakfast bar in silence for a few minutes. 
“Slade, my thoughts are you are trying to impregnate my mind with your essences. How can someone else touch me as deep as you do? I don't think I have the nerve to tell someone to kiss me there again.” 
"In some ways I am. Any man can feel your body, only a few are allowed and encouraged to move your mind." Slade replied. 
"Oh, you have been the first to touch me in that way. So, I invited you to reach my mind is what you are saying?" I questioned. 
"Yes, the invitation was sent more than once. The invitation sent every time you made sure I heard your voice while on the porch of your parent’s house, every time you fell into a spell during our conversation within the last two months, every time the softness of your voice became even softer when directed to me.” he countered. 
Intrigued I asked, “Wait, what about my parent’s house?” 
“I would work out on the porch with your brother and I would hear you in the kitchen.” Slade responded with pride in his voice. 
"Oh, I didn’t know that.” I said with surprise in my voice. “Slade, I am trying to embrace this, being submissive. I guess when I hear that word, I think of being a doormat. When I approached you, I wasn’t thinking things would go to this point. I really just wanted mind blowing, tell my friends about it sex.” 
Slade heartily laughed and before I knew it, he kissed me. It was slow, almost as a honeybee flying from flower to flower. He kissed my lips with such softness, then he growled and devoured my mouth. He nipped, pull, sucked and pushed his way between my teeth to imprison my tongue. I felt as if I was going to pass out from the utter pleasure of it. The kiss went on until I dropped my fork and broke the trance we were in. 

You can tell your friends about that and last night. I nodded my head and started eating my bacon. After brunch we cleaned the dishes and moved into the living room. I decided to change back into my dress and join him. We turned on ESPN and watched T.V. in complete silence. It was getting late into the afternoon and I should be going, however I could not pull myself away from his presence. As if I was being draw to him like the gravitational pull of the moon. Coy you must break this, what is wrong. Slade looked at his watch and said “Coy, I know you have to get ready for the week, I understand if you have to go.” I used this as my way to break the spell he had on me. I drew myself up and reached for my sandals. Slade, grabs them from me and starts massaging my foot. I am not sure what happened, but I laid back on the couch, as if I was having an out body experience. I heard soft moans in my ears, my eyes were closed and I felt an arch in my lower back. Was that me, I thought. 

Author Interview

1.      What is your book’s genre or category and what draws you to the genre?

·        My genre is Erotica Fiction, Romance. What drew me to this genre I am very sensual, compassionate and I have a great awareness of my body as a woman. Most of all I am a lover of love.

2.      Can you describe the story in one or two sentences for our readers?

·        A chemistry between a man and woman which is the replica of an exothermic explosion.

3.      Tell us the story behind the story. What influenced you to write it and how long did it take you?

·        I was in a tumultuous fabricated marriage. We presented as the Cosby Show to the world however we were the PJ’s behind closed doors. I knew it was unhealthy yet I believed or at least I kept telling myself it was best for my kids, I found out it was worse thing I did.  Once my divorce was final; I decided not to get involved in a dating relationship and chose a lover instead. He inspired me to write. I thanked him for inspiring me and supporting me, in his own words… His reply was “No need to thank me for preexisting glows, destined journeys coordinated by God not fate, I just encouraged you not to wait take it in your hands and not mine.” How can I not be moved by his gracious and kindness.
4.      Please include a short excerpt from the book if you like. (PG Rated)

Short Excerpt of the book: I can only swallow and shake my head yes. He reached for my hand and pulled me into him. In that moment I inhaled and allowed myself to drown into the power of his arms. He kissed me with the hunger of a starving lion. He devoured me! My legs became feeble. Slade picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck.  I am not a petite girl, however he lifted me with ease and held me without any strain. His tongue fenced with mine, he nipped my bottom lip hard, and he then licked the pain away. He nibbled on my top lip and then licked it, causing prickles of pleasure. He sucked my tongue as if he was sucking the flipped side of a lily dilly.  Slade’s tongue became a Swiffer, he maneuvered the crevices of my mouth as if he was collecting all my lost DNA.  In my mind, he was symbolically wiping away any other man whom I had kissed. How could I go back to what I had from what I am now having? I would compare it to being the Queen and being banished to being a peasant.  Music of moans came from my diaphragm, with the melodic sounds of a pan flute. His moans again were a replica of the didgeridoo sound. The sound vibrated through me like the aftershock waves of a four point nine earthquake. Slade locked onto my neck and I ceased breathing. He rotated from hard to soft sucks of my neck, as if he was playing an invisible game of tic-tac-toe with my pulse. I knew we were moving just didn’t know where or for that matter care where.  For what seemed like infinity, Slade placed me on my feet and I flowed down his body like the caramel being poured on a Twix candy bar.

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