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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Featured FREE Book: Branding Her by Alexi B Porter

Branding Her is a steamy lesbian romance series by Alex B Porter, inspired by the ‘dip in or binge’ format often associated with Netflix. As a new author, Porter threw herself into the deep end with a 13-episode series spanning 6 books, the last of which is due for release at the end of this month. Branding Her follows the life of single mom Kaylee and her partner, Alexis as their relationship and sex life develops.

“The series is aimed at lesbian, bisexual and curious women. It covers what I’d call ‘real lesbian sex’, there isn’t much that’s too far-fetched but there are a lot of different scenarios.” – Porter

The first book in the series (episodes 1&2) is available as a free ebook on all major platforms and the second book is priced at $0.99, available on Amazon and also as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription. The Branding Her series is also available in paperback and audiobook.

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I brought something with me, but I’m not sure if you’d be up for it.” Alex reached into her duffle bag and brought out a leather harness and large phallic dildo. Kaylee chuckled out of nervousness. She had not much experience of being penetrated in such a manner.
“If you’re not okay with it, please say so, but I want to make you mine.” Alex waited patiently for Kaylee’s response.
“Just be gentle with me,” Kaylee smiled, swallowing her nerves. She wanted this, wanted to be Alex’s. Alex quickly stepped into the harness and attached the silicone cock to the front, her feminine curves offset by the protruding object. She moved behind Kaylee, running her hands down her back and legs, sliding a finger into Kaylee, and then coating the cock with her juices.
“Are you ready?” A small nod made Kaylee’s red waves bob. Kaylee felt the large bulbous head at her entrance. Slowly, Alex inched forward, pushing into her dripping wetness. Kaylee felt like she was being impaled by God herself. She grunted and gasped with pleasure, gripping the sheets as Alex pulled out slowly.
“Good girl, take my cock,” Alex instructed through gritted teeth. The dirty language was punctuated with Alex thrusting slowly into Kaylee whilst firmly holding her hips.
Kaylee felt as if she would burst, she had never felt so full.
Alex pulled out and pushed into her again, building up momentum.
Kaylee gasped and groaned, clutching the sheets from the bed. With each thrust she felt another orgasmic wave building inside of her…

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