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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Featured FREE Book: His Journey by Alissa Adams


A childhood marred by a seriously psychopathic mother with a taste for exotic abuse has given Dylan Cruz an outlook on risk and trust that would send most people scurrying away. He's willing to take any daredevil risk with his life and believes the only real love he's known was a sister lost too soon and the devotion of Lady Delany, his beloved simian friend. His possessions are few, but he lives like a king.

When Rene Waters takes her job as private chef on the mega-yacht El Loco, she doesn't plan on taking the name of the boat that seriously. Crazy elements of Dylan truly reveal themselves as he battles a physical war with his injured body, a body Rene has both loved and seen gravely wounded. And it is the wound that reveals a greater trauma deep inside.

"I loved Dylan for his complexity, for his pure animal heat, for his powerful masculinity, for his humanity and humor. I loved him in spite of the damaged parts, the broken family and his cynical past." (Rene)

"In moments of panic I am eleven years old and the one warm soul in my and Dawn's life has vanished. Or I am thirteen and my sister--the best friend I ever had--is gone. I am as scared and stricken with inconsolable grief and loss as a person--young or old--could ever be. It terrified me that Rene could evoke such feelings. "(Dylan)

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