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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Featured FREE Book: Love, Rerouted: A Second Chance Island Romance by Ginger Blake


Time flies, but does love stay?
In eight hours, Penny Collins should be landing in Italy for her first international trade show, her assistant Gina at her side. She's looking forward to the food, the sites, and expanding her business with new sales. 

All she has to do is get on the plane. 

Determined to make it happen, she has almost conquered her serious fear of flying with workshops and counseling and even a self-hypnosis recording loaded onto her phone. But there are two things she could not have prepared for. 

Captain Max Miller, the tall, handsome pilot who happens to be her former high-school boyfriend and one true love is the the first. 

Second is the surprise landing that will force them together after being apart for eleven years. Penny should be excited about this second chance at romance, but she quickly realizes she can't step back in time and expect to keep her secrets too. 

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