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Friday, 6 May 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Fae Spark by Emma Aislyn


Fae magic. Human heart. A fragile new life…

An unassuming human woman discovers her Fae power. A cold Fae Lord unearths his human heart. Together they must defend their baby from an enemy determined to eradicate all mortal blood from the Fae race.

Liana runs when the Fae Lord Chooses her to be his consort, and the mother of his Heir. She never expected the alien seeming warrior to pay attention to a working class, curvy girl in a sea of leggy blondes. She never expected to loose control of her heart, or her body, in an inferno of magic fueled passion.

She never expected to discover a hidden power in a fight for her life, and the life of their baby.

Lord Eero doesn't want a Fae chaser. He wants the lush, fierce-eyed human with her motherly heart and youthful fire. He wants a quiet life with family on his country estate, surrounded by memories of his human grandmother. But the Old Blood don't care what he wants. They threaten to destroy everything he holds dear in a quest to purify Fae blood and regain Fae power.

He will kill them all before he allows his enemies to harm the woman cradling his heart, or their growing child.

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