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Friday, 27 May 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Gypsy Hearts by Lisa Mondello

After years of recording commercials, Josie Tibbs longs to get back into the 
music industry. But the sound recording engineer had traveled that road 
once before and crawled back home with a broken heart. Wary of any man 
in the music business, she longs for a steady man and a great recording 

Brock Gentry lived for the music and so became an 
extraordinarily talented country singer. On the fringes of success, he's 
ready to take his chance and go on the road to Nashville. But he and 
the recording company clash over his image among other things. 
Hoping to find the right sound mixer he seeks out Josie Tibbs after hearing of 
her work with another country singer who's hit the big time. Although 
she wants nothing to do with him romantically, he wins her over 
professionally and she decides to come on the road with his band. 

Together they blaze a trail to Nashville, her cat in tow, in the close quarters 
of life on the bus with the rest of the band. Despite the obstacles of 
life on the road, Brock and Josie find they can't keep their feelings 
from each other. But Josie's been through this before and knows the dogs 
of the music industry can bite hard. As they make it closer to 
Nashville, she fears a chance at success could spell the end of their 

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