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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c The Lady's Pleasure by Maisie Scott

By day she is a Princess bred for high society; by night she is the huntress. 

Evaine relishes her life of secrecy hidden in her Father's old castle. Away from his War Games and diplomacy, she cultivates an exciting life inviting any she may want to her bed. She has her rules; never the same man and they must never see her face. 

But her life is about to change. Far away, powerful and hungry men are making plans to bring her Country and the Princess to her knees. With her Father dead, she must rebuild her shattered Kingdom one alliance at a time. She is not skilled in the arts of being Queen so she must make use of her other talents; especially those she cultivated between her satin sheets. 

But whom can she trust when she is gambling not only her reputation but also her life and the lives of her people? Can she discover the traitor? Can she balance the needs of her Kingdom with her own aching desires? 

Volume one: The Lady's Pleasure. 
In the corridors of power, the King senses victory little knowing the trechery at hand. Evaine escapes her life of duty for a wild night with a stable boy. However, in the harsh light of day she discovers her life will never be the same. 


On the bed lay her companion for the evening; a very willing and attractive stable attendant. She had watched him for weeks, cultivated his attention until she knew he would be willing to follow her instructions to find his way to her bed. Secrecy was paramount to continue her lifestyle and she could not risk it all on a servant who could not keep their activities to himself. She was fond of this one, perhaps more than was wise. Sometimes she would feel regret that her rules would only let her spend one night with each man. But those rules kept her secret and kept her safe.
"Frederik." She said softly as she reached the end of the bed.   
"My Lady." He said as he sat up on the bed and swung his legs to dangle them off the side.  His blonde hair was cut short, his face shaved and he had been thoroughly washed, as was her wish. His eyes swept over her from feet to head. As his eyes settled on her face his expression faltered. Was that recognition? She touched the mask nervously, and smiled. 
Each time she invited someone into her Chamber they knew she was a Lady and high born; but they didn’t know exactly who she was – and they would never be allowed to find out. It was for this reason she wore the mask for every meeting. On closer inspection he may see her fine skin, her refined poise and elegance, her effortless manners, all evidence of a woman schooled and prepared for her duty. But none of the men would guess that the Lady she was by day would be the woman that invited them to her bed at night. By day, she was beyond reproach or rumour. 
 But tonight she was just at her most hungry, lustful and feminine.  Here, they saw the real woman. 

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